Why Murillo?

I started Murillo originally as a side project, to bring some neat networking features into my own house and to improve the overall security and speed of the network. My interest with network security began in fifth grade, when I saw a news article about the infamous hack on Sony Pictures. In my fifth grade mind, I thought that "what if someone wants to hack us?" I then decided to find a course on cybersecurity, but ran into roadblocks when every course recommended learning some programming language. The most programming I knew was how to make a website with Weebly (which turned into a popular game website in sixth grade in my school) and some Hopscotch / Scratch drag-and-drop programming. I found and took a course on Coursera for Python by Charles Russell Severance and over the timespan of around a year, I learned Python 2.

I had forgotten about cybersecurity and focused entirely on programming for the next few years until ninth grade, when I built my own server out of an old laptop (the same one that is running this website!) and ran a website that had the capability to bypass the school's content filter. After that incident, I got back into cybersecurity and decided to learn how the content filter works and how firewalls work. I spun up a virtual machine with pfSense running on it and spent months experimenting and learning with it. In tenth grade, I found other people who were interested in network security, and they happened to be the school's network administrators. I learned a lot from them, including best practices for security, how IPv6 works, and other fancy computer concepts.

Recently, I purchased a small computer with two ethernet ports on it and was able to set up my own firewall and apply everything I had learned over the past few years, including VPN, IPv6, and Adblocking. I saw a noticeable increase in speed and decrease in latency and thought to myself, "Do other people want these cool features?" and so Murillo was born.

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